Born Ready - Ready to Help Parents and Children Learn

90% of a Child’s Brain Develops From Birth To Age Five

That’s why it’s important to teach your child new things by engaging with them in fun and enriching ways.


Watch to see what you need to know about your babies’ brain development.


I Was Born Ready

I pledge to help my children build a solid learning foundation. I will use the resources available to me to look for everyday teaching and learning opportunities to share with my little ones. I will engage with my children in fun and enriching ways, always keeping in mind that 9o% of a child’s brain develops from birth to age five. Above all, I will rise to this occasion with confidence, knowing that I was born ready for this.

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Your child was born ready to learn, and you were born ready to teach them, but a little help never hurt! That’s why we’ve partnered with to provide you with tips created by industry leading experts to help you teach your little ones.



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