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We were born ready to help our children!

For 18 consecutive years, the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) has named Alabama’s First Class Pre-K program “best in the nation.”


The Born Ready Initiative

Born Ready is an initiative from the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education (ADECE) focused on raising awareness among Alabama parents of the importance of early brain development and high-quality early care and education. The mission of ADECE is to inspire and support parents and caregivers, as well as to deliver cohesive, comprehensive systems of top-quality education and care so that all Alabama children thrive and learn. Born Ready is not only developed to inform parents; it’s designed to empower them and give them access to the tools they need to be their children’s first and best teacher.

Born Ready™ was made possible by grant number 90TP0065-01-00. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily
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“[Alabama has the] only pre-kindergarten program in the country that comes close to having all the elements of a strong pre-k program.”

- National Institute for Early Education Research

90% of a child’s brain develops from birth to age five.

The Lasting Impact of High Quality Early Care and Education